Conservation Futures Project

Through the Conservation Futures project, Nillumbik Shire Council is offering the opportunity for financial support to Nillumbik Landcare groups for on ground works in order to protect local threatened species and their habitat.

The project will focus on nine key species:

  • Brush-tailed phascogale
  • Slender-tailed dunnart
  • Eltham copper butterfly
  • Round-leaf pomaderris
  • Matter flax-lily
  • Clover glycine
  • Rosella spider-orchid
  • Charming spider-orchid
  • Wine-lipped spider-orchid

Works that can be supported include fox control, weed control, exclusion fencing and enhance plantings, these works must be focused on the conservation of the above threatened species or their habitat. Download the form (see link below) and submit your project proposals to If you have any queries please contact Meg at the above email address.

Conservation Futures NLN applications.pdf