Eastern Bronzehood Orchid

Eastern Bronzehood Orchid
Frank Pierce
Common Name
Eastern Bronzehood Orchid
Scientific Name
Caladenia transitoria
Previous Species Names
Split from C. iridescens, Stegostyla transitoria
Leaf Description
Densly hairy, very slender 5-11cm x 1-2mm.
General Description
To 16 cm tall, with a single, erect, narrow leaf at the base of a sparsely hairy stem bearing one or two pale-cream to greenish fan-shaped flowers with scattered red-brown glands.
Flower Description
One or two cream to green flowers, to 20mm across, with narrow widely spaced partianth segments and dorsal sepal hooded. 3-loped Labellum white with red/purple barring , fringed with 4-6 pairs of crowded calli.
Flower Colour
Pale-cream to greenish
Christmas Hills, Bend of Islands, North Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Wattle Glen, Research
Flowering Months
Grassy Dry Forest, Grassy Forest, Heathy Woodland, Herb-rich Foothill Forest, Sand Heathland, Valley Grassy Forest, Valley Heathy Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Well drained clay and sandy loam soils. Semi-shade.