Golden Moths

Golden Moths
Lynne hillier
Common Name
Golden Moths
Scientific Name
Diuris chryseopsis
Leaf Description
Tufted clump of 3-6 erect grass-like, channelled leaves to 15cm x 3mm.
General Description
To 30cm tall with 1-4 nodding bright lemon flowers on erect hairless stems with a clump of 3-6 linear leaves. Readily hybridises with several species. Is generally widespread and common in moist depressions.
Flower Description
1-4 bright yellow nodding flowers, to 25mm across. Broad ovate dorsal sepal with brownish markings on outside. Brown to green lateral sepals parallel below the labellum. Labellum 3-lobed, lateral lobes small with toothed margins, mid lobe shovel-shaped and broad to 20mm long with 2 fleshy ridges.
Flower Colour
Bright lemon yellow with a few brown markings on outside, lateral sepals brownish green.
Flowering Months
Grassy Dry Forest, Grassy Forest, Heathy Woodland, Swampy Woodland, Valley Grassy Forest, Valley Heathy Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist soil in depressions and winter wet areas. Semi shade to full sun.