Hare Orchid

Hare Orchid
Frank Pierce
Common Name
Hare Orchid
Scientific Name
Leptoceras menziesii
Leaf Description
Single bright green broad oval- or oblong-lance shaped leaf 3-12cm x 5-25mm, ground hugging.
General Description
Slender erect orchid to 25cm tall. 1-3 fragrant reddish to white flowers on top of a wiry stem with a single, broad oval- or oblong-lance shaped leaf that hugs the ground. Flowers profusely after fire forming dense colonies.
Flower Description
1-3 hairy red and white flowers, to 15mm across. Prominent white lateral sepals spreading, broad in the middle, dorsal sepal red and hooded, narrow deep red petals erect with tips clubbed. Glabrous labellum circular to ovate, white with transverse pink bars, white tips and 2-4 rows of yellow calli.
Flower Colour
White with pink to dark red
Flowering Months
Damp Forest, Escarpment Shrubland, Grassy Dry Forest, Grassy Forest, Grassy Woodland, Heathy Woodland, Herb-rich Foothill Forest, Lowland Forest, Valley Grassy Forest, Valley Heathy Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist well drained soil. Semi shade. Requires fire to flower well.