Mountain Greenhood

Mountain Greenhood
Frank Pierce
Common Name
Mountain Greenhood
Scientific Name
Pterostylis alpina
Leaf Description
Sessile, rosette leaves to 60mm x 15mm, green, fleshy and scattered up the base of the stem, margins are entire or wavy.
General Description
A single, stout Greenhood with a green and white striped flower and fleshy stem to 30cm high. Labellum is abruptly curved near the end and protrudes through the sinus. Rosette of 3-5 leaves scattered up the base of the stem. A good coloniser growing on southern slopes and moist areas.
Flower Description
Flower is green and translucent white striped, to 30mm across. Galea erect at base and then curving forward, dorsel sepal not exceeding petals . Lateral sepals held away from galea projecting strongly backwards and sinus making a V-shape from front. Labellum curving sharply at tip to proturde through sinus.
Flower Colour
Green and white striped
Flowering Months
Damp Forest, Grassy Dry Forest, Herb-rich Foothill Forest, Valley Grassy Forest,
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist, well drained soil, semi-shade to dappled shade