Notched Onion-orchid

Notched Onion-orchid
Nev Ragg
Common Name
Notched Onion-orchid
Scientific Name
Microtis arenaria
Leaf Description
Single erect hollow leaf to 40 cm, sheathing flower stem.
General Description
To 60cm high. 8-100 tiny pale green to yellow-green flowers, in crowded open spike, are on the end of large ovaries. The labellum tip is bi-lobed with a deflexed spur in the notch. Flower spike is sheathed by a hollow onion-like leaf to 40cm long and each flower spike emerges well below the tip. Flowers are fragrant.
Flower Description
Crowded spike of 8-100 pale green to yellow-green tiny scented flowers, to 4mm across. Dorsal sepal hooded. Lateral sepals curled back and petals spreading or concealed under dorsal sepal. Labellum long and oblong with a pair of large deep green calli and a less prominent callus towards apex.
Flower Colour
Pale to yellow-green
Flowering Months
Grassy dry open forest, tea-tree heath, adjoining saltmarshes.
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist or dry soils from depressions to slopes of foothills. Full sun, semi shade. Fires stimulate mass flowering.