Ranges Leek-orchid

Ranges Leek-orchid
Julia Franco
Common Name
Ranges Leek-orchid
Scientific Name
Prasophyllum odoratum
Leaf Description
Single erect slender to robust green leaf with reddish base, round in cross section, to 70cm long, closely sheathed, free section non sheathing, to 20cm.
General Description
Slender erect to 60cm tall. 10-25 well spaced green, white and brownish red flowers on a green to reddish stem. Flowers upside down with white labellum on top. Labellum slightly wavy and gently curves back with the tip just protruding through the lateral sepals. Lateral sepals are free and widely spread. Formally known as Prasophyllum odoratum. Poorly known in Victoria.
Flower Description
Open spike of10-25 green, white or brown/red flowers to 120mm across. Narrow perianth segments to 10mm long, lateral sepals free and spreading, petals incurved. Labellum curved back , slightly wavy margines with tip just protruding through lateral sepals. Green callus extends just beyond the bend.
Flower Colour
Green, white with red-brown stripes
Flowering Months
Grassy Dry Forest, Heathy Woodland, Herb-rich Foothill Forest, Valley Heathy Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist well drained soils. Semi shade. Fire encourages flowering, especially in forests.