Sharp Greenhood

Sharp Greenhood
Dean Rouse
Common Name
Sharp Greenhood
Scientific Name
Pterostylis X ingens
Leaf Description
Rosette of 3-7 basal leaves, short to 35mm x 10-25mm, dark green, oval, margins wavy.
General Description
A single, partly nodding pale, stripy green Greenhood to 30cm high. Rosette of 3-7 leaves with wavy margins. Pterostylis x ingens is a natural hybrid between P. nutans and P. falcata with intermediate features of each. Populations are likely to occur near parent plants, but in moister areas. Listed as Rare in Victoria.
Flower Description
Single green and white striped flower to 35mm long. Galea apex light brown to rufous. Galea leaning forward and down, dorsal sepal just exceeding the petals and lateral sepals are held away from the galea, with V-shaped sinus. Brown labellum lanceolate, curved and protruding through sinus. A natural hybrid between P. falcata and P. nutans.
Flower Colour
Pale, stripy green
Flowering Months
Valley Grassy Forest, Valley Heathy Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist, well drained soils, semi-shade
Conservation Status Vic