Short-lip Leek-orchid

Short-lip Leek-orchid
Nev Ragg
Common Name
Short-lip Leek-orchid
Scientific Name
Prasophyllum brevilabre
Leaf Description
Single slender to stout erect fleshy dark green leaf with reddish base, round in cross section, to 35cm long, free section rigid, pointed, to 80mm, non sheathing.
General Description
Slender erect to 40cm tall. 8-30 pale to dark green flowers with reddish-brown stripes on a green to purplish stem. Flowers upside down with the bright white labellum on top. Labellum curves sharply back on itself. The ovaries are narrow and pressed against the stem.
Flower Description
Loose spike of 8-30 brownish-green flowers with darker markings, to 60mm across. Lateral sepals joined , erect with margins incurved. Petal margins white and sometimes scalloped. White labellum which curves back on itself, margins scalloped with broad flat green callus.
Flower Colour
Pale to dark green with reddish-brown stripes
Flowering Months
Open mountain forests and heathy woodlands
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist soil. Semi shade. Generally flowers after fire.