Silurian Leek-orchid

Silurian Leek-orchid
Gary Backhouse
Common Name
Silurian Leek-orchid
Scientific Name
Prasophyllum pyriforme
Leaf Description
Single slender to stout erect fleshy dark green leaf with purplish base, round in cross section, to 30cm long, free section to 15cm, non sheathing, often withered by flowering.
General Description
Slender erect to 50cm tall. 15-50 densely spaced greenish flowers with red-brown stripes on a green to brownish stem. Flowers upside down with white to deep pink labellum on top. Labellum has wavy margins and is weakly reflexed with the upper half erect. Becoming very rare due to habitat destruction and listed as Endangered in Victoria.
Flower Description
Dense spike of15-50 yellow/green or brown flowers with red/brown stripes to 150mm across. Lateral sepals joined, with margins incurved. Labellum white to pink with wavy margins, weakly reflexed and upper half erect. Green callus raised and extending almost to the tip.
Flower Colour
Greenish with red-brown shading, labellum white to deep pink
Flowering Months
Grassy Dry Forest, Valley Heathy Forest, Valley Grassy Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist well drained loamy soil. Semi shade. Often requires fire to flower well.
Conservation Status Vic