Slender Ruddyhood

Slender Ruddyhood
Chris Clarke
Common Name
Slender Ruddyhood
Scientific Name
Pterostylis aciculiformis
Leaf Description
Basal rosette of 5-12 leaves, to 30mm x 12mm, dull green, elliptical to oval, often overlapping, usually wither at flowering. Stem bracts lance-shaped, 2-4 encircling stem.
General Description
A Ruddyhood with 2-10 greenish brown flowers to 25cm high. Basal rosette of 5-12 leaves that usually wither at flowering. Listed as Poorly Known in Victoria.
Flower Description
Up to 10 white and olive green flowers, with lateral sepals in brown tones bent downwards, to 15mm across. Galea held slightly above horizontal, ending in fine up turned point. Lateral sepals vertical with tips parallel or lightly twisted. A red/brown labellum with a few white hairs on margin.
Flower Colour
Green with brown markings
Flowering Months
Box Ironbark Forest, Grassy Dry Forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Well drained soil, full sun to semi-shade.
Conservation Status Vic
Poorly known