Tall Sun-orchid

Tall Sun-orchid
Lynne hillier
Common Name
Tall Sun-orchid
Scientific Name
Thelymitra media
Leaf Description
Erect single thick, lance-shaped, channelled, fleshy leaf, often brownish base, to 40cm x 20mm, sheathing at base of stem; 2-3 sheathing stem bracts.
General Description
Perennial herb with fleshy egg-shaped tubers. Plants form massed displays in favorable conditions.
Flower Description
5-30 blue flowers with thin dark stripes, to 30mm across. White column with black collar, post-anther lobe not hooded. Short erect light yellow calli, accessory-lobe short and lightly toothed. Column arms extend forward ending in white tufts.
Flower Colour
Blue with fine darker stripes
Flowering Months
Valley, damp and wet forest
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Moist heavy mountain soils, tolerating moist clay soils, often on disturbed sites. Full sun, semi shade. Flowers only open on very hot days. Flowers prolifically after fires.