Wallflower Orchid

Wallflower Orchid
Lynne hillier
Common Name
Wallflower Orchid
Scientific Name
Diuris orientis
Leaf Description
Tuft of 2-3 narrow, channelled leaves 25cm x 12mm, erect or lax.
General Description
To 45cm tall with 1-8 yellow flowers with brown-red or pinkish tones, sometimes entirely yellow. Flowers are held on erect stems with a clump of 2-3 channelled linear leaves. Widespread species that can hybridise.
Flower Description
1-8 yellow flowers with brownish-red to pink tones, or all yellow, to 50mm across. Dosal sepals broad and ovate with parallel green to brown lateral sepals. Labellum lobes broad and mid-lobel keeled with a notched tip. A single raised ridge down the centre of labellum.
Flower Colour
Yellow, suffused with reddish-brown or pink. Rarely all yellow.
Flowering Months
Damp Sands Herb-rich Woodland, Herb-rich Foothill Forest, Valley Heathy Forest, Grassy Dry Forest, Grassy Woodland, Heathy Woodland, Valley Grassy Forest, Swampy Woodland
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Well drained to dry soils. Semi shade.