Wax-lip Orchid

Wax-lip Orchid
Doug Evans
Common Name
Wax-lip Orchid
Scientific Name
Glossodia major
Leaf Description
Single hairy broadly lance-shaped leaf 3-10cm x 20mm.
General Description
Slender, erect orchid to 35cm tall. 1-2 glossy purple to mauve flowers, occasionally white, on top of a wiry, hairy stem with a single hairy broad lance shaped leaf. Very common and widespread usually occuring by itself or in groups. Flower emits a sweet perfume on warm days.
Flower Description
Typically 1 mauve flower, occasionally up to 3, to 45mm across. Mauve sepals and petals spread widely. An ovate labellum with white base and basal callus Y shaped with yellow arms.
Flower Colour
Glossy mauve to purple
Flowering Months
Box Ironbark Forest, Damp Sands Herb-rich Woodland, Escarpment Shrubland, Grassy Dry Forest, Grassy Forest, Grassy Woodland, Heathy Woodland, Herb-rich Foothill Forest, Valley Grassy Forest, Valley Heathy Forest.
Date of Last Record
Growing Conditions
Drier well drained soil. Full sun, semi shade. Often more abundant after fires.