Asparagus asparagoides, Bridal Creeper, Smilax

Creepers and climbers
Scientific Name
Asparagus asparagoides
Common Name/s
Bridal Creeper
Weed Information

Status: Declared Noxious Weed (Restricted), Weed of National Significance.

Threat: High threat environmental weed.

Description: A climbing herb with bright green foliage. Scrambles to 3 metres high. Stems wiry. Rapid growth from autumn to spring and dies back in summer. Survives by means of an extensive tuberous root system.

Flowers: Sweetly scented, creamy white, 8–9mm in diameter with six petals and hang in leaf axils in ones and twos between August and October.

Fruit: A round berry 6–10mm in diameter. Green, turns red and sticky when mature with hard black seeds.

Leaves: Oval, glossy green and alternate with pointed tips. Usually 1–4cm long and 5–15mm wide.

Stems: Slender, twining and up to three metres long.

Note: Highly competitive and invasive in natural bushland and orchards. Climbs on and chokes understorey species. Spread primarily by birds and animals. Often spread by the careless disposal of garden waste. As well as seed, may also grow by creeping rhizomes.

Control measures: Hand removal, spot spraying.

Dispersal: Birds, animals, seeds, vegetative.