Freesia spp., Freesia

Lilies and bulbs
Scientific Name
Freesia spp.
Common Name/s
Weed Information

Threat: High threat environmental weed.

Description: Freesias are small upright perennial herbs with leaves arranged in a fan-like iris. They range in height from 10–30cm. The flowers may be single or double and barely to sweetly scented and grow from an underground corm.

Flowers: Three to seven trumpet-shaped, white-cream flowers with yellow and purple shading. Sweetly scented. Long, wrinkled, green fruit containing numerous brown seeds.

Leaves: Long tapering flat leaves, green on both sides, arranged as a fan.

Stems: Slender upright to 40cm. Flowers in loose one-sided spike of flowers with six tepals at end of stem.

Note: Regenerate from seed or bulb-like corms. Freesia hybrids are popular in gardens; however, they invade woodlands, roadsides and riparian areas. They impede the growth and regeneration of indigenous ground plants. Readily spread by soil movement and dumping garden waste.

Control measures: Hand removal, spot spraying.

Dispersal: Water, wind.