Genista monspessulana

Small to medium shrubs
Scientific Name
Genista monspessulana
Common Name/s
Montpellier Broom
Cape Broom
Weed Information

Status: Declared Noxious Weed (Regionally Controlled).

Threat: High threat environmental weed.

Description: An erect shrub to three metres tall with many slender straight branches. Bright yellow pea flowers and reproduces by seed.

Flowers: Bright yellow, pea like and about 1.2cm long. Appearing late winter through spring in clusters of up to nine at the end of short leafy branches.

Fruit: Silky black or brown pods containing five to eight hard shiny black seeds that are forcibly ejected from pods up to several metres from plant on hot days in early summer.

Leaves: Shortly stalked and made up of three oval-shaped leaflets that are dull green upper surface and lighter hairy underneath. Middle leaflet longer
than others. Arranged alternate along stem.

Stems: Erect, woody, ridged and finely hairy. One main stem with many branches.

Roots: Woody taproot with shallow branches.

Note: Forms dense stands excluding other vegetation. Seeds long lived in soil and regenerate after fire.

Similar indigenous species: Golden Tip (Goodia lotifolia). May also be confused with other introduced brooms.

Control measures: Hand weeding, cut and paint with suitable herbicide, spot spraying, re-vegetation.

Dispersal: Birds, animals, machinery, water, seeds, wind.