Ligustrum lucidum, Large-leaf Privet

Large shrubs and trees
Scientific Name
Ligustrum lucidum
Common Name/s
Large-leaf Privet
Weed Information

Threat: High threat environmental weed.

Description: Evergreen large shrub or small tree to 10 metres with one or more trunks and dense crown.

Flowers: Creamy white tube-shaped strongly pungent flowers 4–6mm long with four spreading lobes borne in clusters at end of stem in spring and summer.

Fruit: Oval berries ripening from green to red–black in winter with single seed.

Leaves: Large shiny dark green on top, paler on the underside, opposite, narrow ovate 10–12cm long and 4–8cm wide.

Stems: Woody with small white outgrowths and hairless shoots.

Note: Prefers moist sheltered areas. Fruits spread by birds and animals (e.g. foxes), and in soil. Seeds long lived in soil. Leaves and fruit are poisonous.

Similar indigenous species: Austral Mulberry (Hedycarya angustifolia).

Control measures: Hand weeding, spot spraying, cut and paint or drill/frill and fill with a suitable herbicide

Dispersal: Birds, water, vegetative.