Prunus cerasifera, Cherry Plum

Small to medium shrubs
Scientific Name
Prunus cerasifera
Common Name/s
Cherry Plum
Weed Information

Threat: High threat environmental weed.

Description: A deciduous green or purple leafed tree (P. cerasifera “nigra”) or multi stemmed large shrub growing to 12 metres at maturity. Common along roadsides and as a street, ornamental and fruit tree in gardens. There are a number of other Prunus species present in Nillumbik.

Flowers: Solitary or in clusters of two to four, 2.5cm across with five white or pink oval petals, appearing with or before the leaves, October to December.

Fruit: Smooth yellow to reddish or deep red stone fruit which resembles a large cherry or small plum.

Leaves: Smooth green or purple upper surface, oval-spear shaped with a pointed tip and toothed margins. Paler underside with downy growth on veins.

Stems: In juvenile phase sometimes spiny. Purple-brown bark, thinly scaly.

Note: Is an edible fruit and often provides ideal habitat for Ring-tail possum nests. If this is the case, remove in stages to allow for the relocation of Possums before removing all plants.

Control measures: Cut and paint or drill or frill and fill with suitable herbicide.

Dispersal: Birds, water, animals.