Vinca major, Blue Periwinkle

Creepers and climbers
Scientific Name
Vinca major
Common Name/s
Blue Periwinkle
Weed Information

Threat: High threat environmental weed.

Description: A perennial creeper that forms dense mats from an extensive root system. It smothers other desirable plants including indigenous and regenerating plants.

Flowers: Single blue-mauve flowers sometimes white with five petals fused at base to form a tube, 3–5cm across. Flowers appear May to December.

Fruit: Seeds are contained in small, paired, woody structures.

Leaves: Smooth, broadly oval-shaped, dark green, semi-glossy above and paler below, 3–8cm long and 1–4cm wide with fine hairs on the edges of leaves and main vein. Arranged opposite, clasping the stem and at right angles to those above and below.

Stems: Mostly green turning woody at the base. Up to one metre long and may layer at tips.

Note: Has deep layered root system. Able to spread rapidly by vegetative growth in heavily shaded conditions. Often spread through the careless disposal of garden waste.

Control measures: Hand weeding, spot spraying, solarisation, smothering/mulching.

Dispersal: Birds, animals, vegetative.